Getting Admission As An International Medical Graduate

Any foreign medical graduate can now be able to practice their acquired skills in the world of medicine while in the United States. You can easily get a license for you to have a career in the medical field and all this will take duration of not more than ten months. This will come as great news to international medical graduates as this simplifies the entire process. The admission process is quite straightforward hence you need not worry about meeting their specifications. There are a number of required qualifications but among the key specifications is having a foreign medical degree. This will be viewed as the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree hence you need not worry that you may not meet the requirements.

There are a number of requirements that you’ll have to adhere to all of which are a must for you to get that desired license. You will be required to complete a medical program, which is usually given in English, but there is no restriction as to which country this test may be given. Any ASN degree college will be very helpful so you can achieve these requirements. An additional requirement is that you have to pass one of the USMLE steps with a high score. The steps are two in number running from the step one and step two in CK. The second step can be altered for a step two in CS. The graduate medical school will also require you to complete a college level course for academic credit, which has to be in an American institution. All applicants are asked to ensure that you have two sets of English test scores sent to the college.

 Another step that needs to be successfully completed is that once the nursing school program receives all the required documents, you as the applicant will have to be interviewed by the dean of nursing. The other required documents that have to be submitted include an application form for the foreign nursing program, credentials for evaluation and translation and finally, an English proficiency test on a course-by-course basis. Once this is done the selection committee will review the applicant’s information. This is a critical part for every foreign medical graduate to note, as you have to submit all the required documents for you to be considered for admission. Failure to miss even one document will result in an automatic disqualification hence you have to be very keen on this.


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