Foreign Credential Evaluation: A Guide For Foreign Medical Graduate students

January 30, 2012

If you want to continue further education and get a job in the United States of America, it requires foreign credential evaluation by a reputed credential evaluation agency. These foreign credential evaluation agencies are independent private entities that formally make use of your foreign education in terms of a US associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree.

As there are number of reasons for evaluating foreign credentials, the reports that are prepared may vary in many terms. Foreign medical graduates applying for admission to universities or colleges in the United States need their foreign credentials to be evaluated, whereas students looking at immigrating just need a document evaluation and work experience evaluation report.

Getting your foreign credentials evaluated, the very first step that must be taken by you is to select an evaluator. You can collect the essential information regarding this evaluation procedure by visiting the official site of NAFSA ( – The Association of International Educators). This website provides a resource library to assist colleges and universities in making the right choice for an evaluator. The Foreign Degrees Evaluation has become more complex over the years. ICAE – The International Center for Academic Evaluation, the reputed foreign credential evaluation agency serve sole evaluation body with acknowledgment of US Department. A majority of foreign credential evaluation agencies today opting for these programs as corresponding to three-year Bachelor Degree programs.

It is found that the students are confronted with variety of issues while facing the foreign education. Most foreign medical graduates needs to travel to various destinations that could be expensive. They also need to pay a premium tuition fee too. Foreign medical graduates residency is readily available but sometimes it can be too costly. One of the major issues concerned to foreign education is true worth of candidate’s qualifications. If they have right qualification & all their paper work are clear then the chances for acceptance are more.

You need to search for an organization that is not only reliable but at the same time enable you to completely understand the evaluation standards. And one of such highly respected and dependable organization is Azure College School of Nursing. Azure College provides education evaluation services for foreign education used for university admissions. Note Azure College is recognized by the US Department of Education as an Education Resource. The college staff members can handle all of your questions.


Florida Nursing Schools with RN To BSN Program

January 17, 2012

The growth of the health care sector is tremendous and the opportunities that it presents are going to be far more immense as compared to the time before. Apart from doctors the number of nurses full time as well as part time is going to be on rise. Knowing this the Florida Nursing Schools is getting ready to face the future. It is an intelligent choice if someone decides to choose to become an RN. Although the more ambitious students are inclined towards learning more and hence take up RN to BSN Program at Nursing School in Florida. 

The Nursing Programs in Florida is state of the art and produce high quality professionals. There is no dearth of jobs in this ever green profession. There is lot of openings at many places all over United States. The foremost chance in comes up in hospitals, maternity homes, hospices; all one needs to do is and attend nursing programs in Florida. The best places to take these courses are in Registered Nursing Schools. The Students will find twofold advantages of getting a nursing degree in Florida. This is especially true for international students with medical background. 

Doing a RN or BSN course from Nursing Schools in Miami is one of the best career moves as it is foreseen that over 500,000 jobs are being generated over the next 8 years for the nursing field and profession. Most will primarily deal with baby boomers senior citizens and those who need attention and care in rehabilitation centers.

Trained people with degree in nursing from Nursing School in Florida are preferred as home health aides and execute their understanding how to grant a variety of health linked services to facilitate seniors and disabled individuals to remain in their houses.

Thus you can see that going for a RN to BSN Program from Registered Nursing Schools can give a much needed boost in the career of people wanting to start or grow in the field of heal care. Also, Persons having a degree in nursing are great candidates for any vocation like a medical assistant. Hence, going for a nursing degree or nursing education Florida prepares you to decide on these quickest growing jobs that end up being the truly amazing investment for the future.

How to be an Authorized Registered Nurse

December 28, 2011

Nursing Colleges in Florida is catering the healthcare industry with number of registered nurses. The RN’s form a crucial segment of professionals that serves as the backbone of the overall health care system. Recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor projects an additional 581,500 fresh requirements for the RN’s in the coming future. It is thus a perfect opportunity to enter this profession.

Many aspirants may face the question of how to become a registered nurse. This question is even more important for foreign medical graduates. You will find your answer in the various courses created by Miami nursing schools.

  • One from the popular nurse programs is Connect Degree RN. An ASN Degree program is usually a 2-year course but among the best nursing schools in Miami offers it as being faster levels enabling the scholars to accomplish this program in almost 10 several weeks time. This is almost equal to MD Nursing Schools degree.
  • Azure College Medicine Residency Programs include class instruction and supervised clinical experience of hospitals. The students learn out about anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, diet, psychology along with other behavior sciences, and nursing. Supervised clinical experience is imparted in a variety of hospital departments like pediatric medicine, psychiatry, maternity, and surgery. You are able to complete this Connect Degree in Nursing (ASN) in only 10 several weeks and go ahead and take NCLEX-RN exam to begin being employed as an authorized Nurse. This is the shortest route to start a medical career for someone who holds a foreign medical degree.

Medicine residency programs offered by Azure College values the foreign medical education, these fast track programs accelerate the medical career of foreign medical graduates. Those who complete this program are among the most respected for earning nursing degrees Florida. Later the candidates choose to appear for NCLEX-RN exams early and start off with their residency rather quickly.

Nursing degree from Azure College has already helped many overseas students to start a career with associated hospitals. Florida Nursing Schools are well recognized in the whole of United States for their quality of education.

The Lucrative Offer of Registered Nursing

December 27, 2011

The health care sector is flourishing at tremendous pace and the opportunities present are multiplying. Nursing education put forth a very favorable picture for students, who want to pursue nursing education. The nursing degree is considered as very sensible & intelligent career choice in rough financial time. Healthcare has created many new work prospects for truly interested aspirants. Florida nursing schools are nursing education programs, which include classroom instruction & supervised clinical experience. Today there is substantial growth seen in healthcare with demand for new jobs for qualified professionals.

The foremost opportunity in nursing education presents in the form of registered nursing school. Nursing is largest occupation related to health care in United States. There are twofold benefits of earning nursing degrees in Florida, and they are entering largest healthcare sector in greatest advancing nation. International medical graduate needs are ever growing in States and is considered as best profession. Untied States need nurses for working with baby boomers, preventative healthcare & retiring practices. It is foreseen that over 500,000 jobs are generated over next eight years for nursing & healthcare.

Another important prospect for Florida nursing program is the mode of home health aide, which is known for taking care of growing elderly population. There is huge demand for home-based health services which trigger employment opportunity of registered trained nurses. International medical graduate program is a futuristic occupation, whereby individuals engage in medical degree. Trained individuals with degree in nursing are preferred as home health aide & execute their learning to grant range of health linked services.

The arena of medical assistants is personas with degree in nursing are perfect for vocation as a medical assistant. Medical assistants are projected to carry out many medical & organizational tasks under authority of physician. Duties like maintaining reports, setting up appointments, administering medicine etc. are undertaken by medical assistants. Foreign graduate doctors have many opportunities in abroad or the nation from where they came. These doctors are preferred because they have attended advance course in doctoring. After graduating from medical school, the American physicians usually take standardized exam, which enable them to obtain certificate to practice from appropriate state agency.

ASN Degree Can Be Your One Stop Choice for Nursing Career

November 9, 2011

Community & junior colleges offer opportunities to access an education at lower cost compared to four-year university courses. General education courses such as composition, history & algebra makeup the associates degree, which is highest degree level offered by community college. This degree can be used to gain entry-level job in workforce or can be used to continue education for bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree covers an associate education plus two year of focused study. An associate degree in nursing (ADN) or ASN degree is offered by many communities & junior colleges.

Although some associates can also concentrate on specific subject or career. These subject-specific associate degrees allow individuals to quickly enter field of their choice. Many individuals who want to pursue nursing career, choose this path and begin with making close to $800 dollars weekly. The associate degree provides same general education courses of AA degree, but with an emphasis on clinical science & health-related courses. Not only Associate Degree in Nursing is significantly cheaper, but also known to have more flexible schedule. With this flexibility, those with other obligations such as work or kids can find classes at their own convenience.

Depending upon what your career goals are? You could stop at an associate degree. But it is suggested, that if you want to advance in industry, you should aim for bachelor’s degree. Building up funds to attain bachelor’s degree can be difficult, so why not obtain same foundation from university at junior college? An ASN degree college offers courses in nursing concepts & practicum. Because this is an occupation-driven degree program, much of the curriculum focuses on providing practical experience in field. Students can expect to visit local hospitals & health care facilities to cement lessons and techniques acquired in classroom.

Florida nursing schools are greatly known for their renowned courses & simple admission process. Upon completing a certificate, associate or bachelors degree, one can take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN exam) to practice as a nurse. It is estimated that 59% of individuals taking the test, obtain an associates degree from accredited institution. This solidifies the fact that an ASN degree is most popular route for starting out in healthcare industry as registered nurse. Individuals need to examine what is the most beneficial route for getting their career started.

How to become a Registered Nurse

September 21, 2011

One of the crucial backbones of healthcare segment is the Registered Nurses (RNs) that form large part of health professionals today. Moreover recent foresight of the U.S. Department of Labor projecting an added 581,500 fresh career opportunities for Registered Nurses in the years to come, and the requirement to fill up the openings the time seems perfect to get an entry into this profession.

 The question faced by many aspirants is as to how one can become a registered nurse? Specifically there are various courses designed for nursing education Florida.

  • One of the popular nurse programs is Associates Degree Registered Nurse. An ASN Degree program is typically a two-year course but one of the topmost nursing colleges in Miami offers it as accelerated degrees permitting the students to complete the program in almost 10 months time.
  • Azure College nursing education Florida programs comprise of classroom instruction and supervised clinical experience in hospitals. The students learn about anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology and other behavioral sciences, and nursing. Supervised clinical experience is imparted in various hospital departments like pediatrics, psychiatry, maternity, and surgery. You can complete this Associate Degree in Nursing (ASN) in just 10 months and take the NCLEX-RN exam to start working as a Registered Nurse.
  • Many Registered Nurses having a diploma or graduate from an ADN nursing program, return to school for a BSN degree for career expansion. An extensive program offered by universities is the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing with main focus in humanities, nursing theory, life and behavioral sciences. The Bachelor Degree in Nursing also educates the students in leadership and communication for administration and supervisory roles. For many nurses it is obvious step to get enrolled after the ASN degree in Azure College’s award winning RN to BSN program and obtain Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing in just 11 months subsequently.
  • Besides the ASN Degree and Bachelor Degree in Nursing there are Licensed Practical Nurse programs to RN – Registered Nurse programs for professional advancement.

Irrespective of the chosen method it is mandatory for all the Registered Nurses to acquire a license after passing the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-RN, to be allowed to practice as a Registered Nurse. Then they are eligible to practice in all the U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. There are excellent job prospects for Registered Nurses along with growth opportunities. Thus, if you desire to become a nurse then excellent career awaits you!

Getting Admission As An International Medical Graduate

August 29, 2011

Any foreign medical graduate can now be able to practice their acquired skills in the world of medicine while in the United States. You can easily get a license for you to have a career in the medical field and all this will take duration of not more than ten months. This will come as great news to international medical graduates as this simplifies the entire process. The admission process is quite straightforward hence you need not worry about meeting their specifications. There are a number of required qualifications but among the key specifications is having a foreign medical degree. This will be viewed as the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree hence you need not worry that you may not meet the requirements.

There are a number of requirements that you’ll have to adhere to all of which are a must for you to get that desired license. You will be required to complete a medical program, which is usually given in English, but there is no restriction as to which country this test may be given. Any ASN degree college will be very helpful so you can achieve these requirements. An additional requirement is that you have to pass one of the USMLE steps with a high score. The steps are two in number running from the step one and step two in CK. The second step can be altered for a step two in CS. The graduate medical school will also require you to complete a college level course for academic credit, which has to be in an American institution. All applicants are asked to ensure that you have two sets of English test scores sent to the college.

 Another step that needs to be successfully completed is that once the nursing school program receives all the required documents, you as the applicant will have to be interviewed by the dean of nursing. The other required documents that have to be submitted include an application form for the foreign nursing program, credentials for evaluation and translation and finally, an English proficiency test on a course-by-course basis. Once this is done the selection committee will review the applicant’s information. This is a critical part for every foreign medical graduate to note, as you have to submit all the required documents for you to be considered for admission. Failure to miss even one document will result in an automatic disqualification hence you have to be very keen on this.